Key Documents

If you would like to apply for Core Participant status, applications should be made by 15 January 2021. More information about what Core Participant status means and how to apply for it is contained in our protocol, which can be downloaded at the link below. Applications for Core Participant status should be addressed to the Inquiry Solicitor and emailed to 

The Terms of Reference were announced on 21 May 2020. You can download a copy by clicking on the link below.

The Cabinet Secretary for Justice appointed two Assessors to the Inquiry. The protocol below explains more about the role of Assessors and who may appoint them.

To carry out its investigation effectively, the Inquiry needs to retrieve documents that relate to matters within the scope of its Terms of Reference.

The protocol for receipt and handling of documents explains how the Inquiry will retrieve those documents and treat the information it receives.

The protocol for the cost of legal representation provides information relating to the scope of legal representation covered by an award of expenses, how to apply for an award, and how applications are assessed.