Key documents

In this section of the site you can read and download documents associated with the Inquiry, such as the terms of reference, list of core participants, legal protocols, rulings and guidance.


Guidance for questioning of witnesses

.pdf | 325.1 KBDownload

Restriction order

.pdf | 131.5 KBDownload

List of core participants

.pdf | 113.7 KBDownload

Terms of reference

.pdf | 217.3 KBDownload


Cost of legal representation protocol

.pdf | 199 KBDownload

Disclosure and redaction of documents protocol

.pdf | 119 KBDownload

Expenses protocol

.pdf | 377.6 KBDownload

Witness expenses application form

.pdf | 123.1 KBDownload

Restriction order application protocol

.pdf | 561.9 KBDownload

Assessor protocol

.pdf | 118.5 KBDownload

Protocol for receipt and handling of documents

.pdf | 210.9 KBDownload

Core participants protocol

.pdf | 145.6 KBDownload


Note by Chair on redaction of transcript and video

.pdf | 4.9 KBDownload

Supplementary ruling on undertakings

.pdf | 95.3 KBDownload

Ruling on undertakings

.pdf | 720.5 KBDownload

Position statements

.pdf | 248.5 KBDownload

Chair's statements

Culmination of block 1a hearings

.pdf | 107.3 KBDownload

Privacy notices

Website privacy policy

.pdf | 151.2 KBDownload

Privacy notice for core participants

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