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This section of the site contains evidence already led by Inquiry counsel in public hearing sessions. Please note, this means evidence will be added over time, during the course of the hearings.

Evidence - documents, audio and video - led in a public session will be added the following day.

To make searching easier you can filter by evidence type, witness type and witness name. The search function will highlight all evidence related to your search term. Click on a tile below to view the file/s.

If no hearing date is shown for a piece of evidence it means the witness gave a statement to the Inquiry but was not called to appear in person. 

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SBPI-00402 - Philip Briggs statement 03/11/2023

Witness name:
Philip Briggs,

SBPI-00404 - Wendy White statement 10/11/2023

Witness name:
Wendy White,

SBPI-00406 - Chief Inspector Craig Finnie statement 14/11/2023

Witness name:
Craig Finnie,

SBPI-00405 - Retired DCI Andrew McCann statement 27/09/2023

Witness name:
Andrew McCann,

SBPI-00417 - PS Brian Jones witness statement 23/11/2023

Witness name:
Brian Jones,

SBPI-00420 - PC David Kennedy statement 03/11/2023

Witness name:
David Kennedy,

SBPI-00423 - John Mitchell statement 12/10/2023 and 18/10/2023

Hearing date:
Witness name:
John Mitchell,

SBPI-00470 - Ian MacIntyre rule 8 statement 14/02/2024

Witness name:
Ian MacIntyre,

SBPI-00451 - Brian Dodd rule 8 statement 02/02/2024

Witness name:
Brian Dodd,